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Reviewer:Danni788(20Jan 2012)

I was on an extended business trip in London in December, feeling really alone. I had the absolute luck and pleasure to meet up with Rona. She's an independent. She's very pretty. The rendezvous was efficiently and professionally setup after a few email exchanges before I arrived. She transformed my feelings the moment I met her at my hotel with my lonliness disappearing in an instant. She's a dead sexy, tall and attractive Lady with a genuine warmth and pleasant personality- this exotic Lady is every red blooded mans dream, especially in her sassy lingerie. Treat her with the care and tenderness she deserves.Take your time, Life is too short; I went for the overnighter and highly recommend this. It will yield a good return on investment.. I think she's popula and selective, so book early. She's too good to be kept to just me and should be shared selectively with those that desire a higher class of Lady. 


Reviewer:dtrjabjh(29Nov 2012)

Thank you Rona for the great time!! I see you soon again.


Reviewer:J...(23Nov 2012)

I had originally booked her for 10 hours from 10:00pm in the evening,but after lot of fun both in and out of the room meant we didnot wake up until 12:pm next day! after which she took me to a fantastic restaurant(seriously offered to pay),then she took me shopping(bought me some dessert! paid for my travel cost)and then we both had a foot massage, to my surprise she beat me to paying that time too!!many time I offered to buy something for her or give her some extra cash she refused,one thing for sure Rona will not make a good business lady,will be giving away everything.

at almost 5pm next day after meeting Rona we went for a coffee near my hotle,knowing its time to say good bay,I am now missing her company and feel sad!i never knew someone can have this kind of impact.

Guys - please look after this girl and I am sure she will look after you...

Rona - I will come back to London only if it means visiting you.and if you visit UK give me a shout, I would like to return your kindness.

Miss you


Reviewer:Jason(18Oct 2012)

 Rona the unique!Anyone who chooses Rona is in for a unique experience. Rona is not like a chinese girl. Rona is a professional who ensures that the client is always happy.  Rona is not greedy and refuses to take additional money or hospitality, even paying for breakfast. anyone who chooses Rona is going to broaden their experience and increase their understanding of china


Reviewer:Marten(9Aug 2012

 Rona is a tantalizing, treat. I was planning a trip to London and searched the internet in advance. when I saw Rona's website, i knew that she would be the one for me, we corresponded by e-mail several times and she answered all of my questions perfectly.

I booked Rona for 2days and was a little apprehensive about paying all 2 days up front,but after talking with her in my room for a few minutes,I could tell that she was a sincere,honest and caring person.
this was,without a doubt,the best 2days I have ever experienced. the time spent in our room was sensual and caring,but never rushed,we experienced things together that I had only dreamed about.I was always made to feel like we were real lovers,not just a contrived situation.

out of the bedroom, Rona arranged many sites for us to visit. she helped with translation, bargaining when necessary, transportation, shopping suggestions and in general was there for me with all of my needs.

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